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Use GitLab

Get to know the GitLab end-to-end workflow. Configure permissions, organize your work, create and secure your application, and analyze its performance. Report on team productivity throughout the process.

Learn Git **{chevron-right}**

Common commands and workflows.
Set up your organization **{chevron-right}**

Users, groups, namespaces, SSH keys.
Organize work with projects **{chevron-right}**

Project visibility, search, badges, layout.
Plan and track work **{chevron-right}**

Epics, issues, milestones, labels.
Manage your code **{chevron-right}**

Repositories, merge requests, remote development.
Use CI/CD to build your application **{chevron-right}**

Runners, jobs, pipelines, variables.
Secure your application **{chevron-right}**

Container, dependency, and vulnerability scans.
Deploy and release your application **{chevron-right}**

Environments, packages, review apps, GitLab Pages.
Monitor application performance **{chevron-right}**

Error tracking, incident management.
Monitor runner usage **{chevron-right}**

Prometheus metrics
Manage your infrastructure **{chevron-right}**

Terraform and Kubernetes deployments.
Analyze GitLab usage **{chevron-right}**

Instance, group, and project analytics.